Regulation Compliant

Understanding operating conditions is a critical component of remaining regulation compliant. However, with thousands of pipeline segments it can be difficult to get a clear picture of the current situation, resulting in an unreliable pipeline risk analysis. Adding to the challenge is the fact that pipeline risk management data is often spread across multiple systems and business units, making it hard to retrieve important data when it's needed, and slow to update license information.

Pipeline Integrity Solutions

Cenozon pipeline software provides connectivity schematics with production flow path(s), and includes the operating conditions associated with their physical surroundings. With the ability to save records (in multi-media format) to a central location with a unique referencing ID, Cenozon pipeline software enables access to important documents between different business units. This results in streamlined processes, allowing different business units to stay up to date and maintain licenses and identity changes.

Our System Features

  • Intuitive management dashboard
  • Automated approach to mitigation
  • Statistical analysis of incident history

Reduce Pipeline Failure Risk

International Energy Company

“Reduce pipeline incidents by 47% comparing to the industry average”
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