Real-Time Risk Assessment

Traditional pipeline risk assessments take months to provide results. By the time data is available, operating conditions have already changed, making it difficult to gain a clear understanding of the current risks. To make matters worse, without a central hub for information, data is spread across multiple systems. The resulting inefficiencies and software costs make affordable pipeline monitoring impossible.

Pipeline Integrity Solutions

In pipeline risk analysis, no two systems are the same. We configure a custom risk matrix according to a customer’s unique operational needs. Our software provides an instant pipeline risk assessment for thousands of segments, with real-time operations data integration to monitor corrosion in pipelines.

The Cenozon pipeline integrity management software allows teams to build and visualize a pipeline network using our drag and drop feature, as well as centralized document storage with the ability to attach documents to specific objects or equipment (pipeline, pigging, coupon, valve).

Our System Features

  • Intuitive management dashboard
  • Automated approach to mitigation
  • Statistical analysis of incident history

Reduce Pipeline Failure Risk

International Energy Company

“Reduce pipeline incidents by 47% comparing to the industry average”
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