Corrosion Mitigation Optimization

Properly prioritizing risks is key in pipeline risk management. However, on high-risk pipelines it can be challenging to accurately define the most pressing hazards. Without access to the proper information, pipeline integrity management often suffers from a lack of understanding about the root causes of failure.  A slow response to changing operating conditions can lead to inappropriate mitigation measures while more severe corrosion in pipelines is overlooked.

Pipeline Integrity Solutions

Cenozon pipeline integrity management software provides an intuitive management dashboard that enables teams to properly prioritize risks.

With an analytic and automated approach to corrosion mitigation, teams are given access to real-time and relevant data, combined with a statistical analysis of incident history, improving the decision-making process.

Our System Features

  • Intuitive management dashboard
  • Automated approach to mitigation
  • Statistical analysis of incident history

Optimize Corrosion Mitigation Measures

Major Oil & Gas Producer

“Reduce 80% of cost in chemical program over a 3-year period”
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