The trusted software for pipeline integrity management.
PIRM is an affordable, market-leading pipeline integrity software that empowers professionals to effectively evaluate risk across their entire network. Using the most up-to-date industry standards, it's the most effective way to mitigate pipeline risk.

Pipeline Integrity Risk Management Software

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The Most Effective Pipeline Integrity Software

As an affordable pipeline integrity risk monitoring software, PIRM improves efficiency in pipeline risk assessment with real-time operations data integration. It allows for documents to be stored in a centralized location, simplifying regulation compliance and streamlining work processes. The web-based application integrates with most third-party programs and is accessible from any device at any time. Best of all, the self-managed intuitive interface is backed by the best customer service in the industry.

Our integrity software monitors over 100,000 km of pipeline; achieving up to 47% lower pipeline incident rate than the industry average.

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The Best Information at Your Fingertips

Our automated pipeline integrity management software optimizes corrosion mitigation and helps teams focus on critical tasks with an intuitive pipeline risk management dashboard. The user-friendly interface provides instant visibility of pipeline risk to help you make better decisions and achieve compliance based on the most accurate data. You can easily access pipeline risk, deficiency, geospatial, inspection and regulatory information in one place.

Our innovative team has also developed two industry-unique notification systems for wildfire and hydroflow activity that occurs in proximity to your pipelines. Receive instant notification of any pipeline risk as a result of these natural occurrences.


Key Features

  • Visualize pipeline networks with an intuitive dashboard and built-in GIS mapping
  • Automated pipeline integrity risk assessment and notification system
  • Risk identification and prioritization based on consequence + mitigation recommendations
  • Identify costs savings and streamline work to improve staff productivity

Mitigate Pipeline Risk

Quote from our client – an international energy company:

“Reduce pipeline incidents by 47% compared to the industry average.”
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