Simplify your production accounting process.
Cenozon PAS Schematics software enables you to create flow schematics directly from data stored in your PAS production accounting system. Now you can understand your PA system set up, volumes, and balance in ways not possible before.

Automatic Real-Time Schematics

Schematics can be expensive to create and difficult to keep current using tradtional approaches. Our software automatically generates real-time schematics from data stored in your production accounting system – complete with flows, volumes, and balances.

Now you can easily streamline your operational processes and reduce costly errors and amendments. You may never have to manually draw schematics again!

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Making Production Accounting Easy

Imagine a software that makes complex properties easy to understand and enables meaningful converations between field operations and production accounting. One that also simplifies the training of new production accountants and reduces the prep time for joint venture partners and regulators.  It’s all possible with our PAS Schematics software.

Once you’ve used our intuitive software, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner!


  • Save time and costs with automatic, real-time schematics
  • Streamline audits and simplify training
  • Improve communications between field operations & production accounting
  • Troubleshoot more effectively – reduce costly errors and amendments
  • No drafting or set up required

Key Features

  • Easily configure level of detail for your schematic
  • Select facilities to display from: wells, batteries, gathering systems, plants
  • Select products to show from: gas, oil, water, NGL and sulphur
  • Display flows and volumes reported to Petrinex
  • Display measurement point and display disposition volumes

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