Case Studies

Our Work Speaks For Itself

Cenozon has over two decades of experience in oil and gas management software. Our pipeline risk analysis systems have helped some of the world’s largest exploration and production companies mitigate risks, improve efficiencies, and boost their bottom line. We understand corrosion in pipelines, and we know which data your team needs to make important decisions and manage pipeline failure.

Reduce Pipeline Failure Risk

Our client, an international energy company stated:

“Reduce pipeline incidents by 47% compared to the industry average”

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Manage Non-Producing Pipelines

A quote from our client, a large canadian oil producer:

“Save up to 90% of pipeline ROW tax”

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Optimize Corrosion Mitigation Measures

What our client, a major oil & gas producer had to say:

“Reduce 80% of cost in chemical program over a 3-year period”

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