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  • Reduce upstream gathering pipeline incidents by 47%

    For every 10,000km of upstream pipeline, Cenozon PIRM helps customers save up to $3M annually in leak remedy costs, compliance costs, chemical usage, and corporate tax. Read More
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“We like Cenozon PIRM’s instantaneous, dynamic approach to managing assets. When you make a change to connectivity the flow dynamics and pipeline are immediately updated, as is the risk assessment.”

Bruno Sodaro, Pipeline Integrity Sepcialist, Apache Corporation



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Cenozon helps ensure pipeline integrity in 25% of all upstream hydrocarbon movements in Western Canada

Hydrocarbon movements in Western Canada Pipeline Oil and Gas

“Different business units can use the data using the same tool rather than each creating and maintaining a distinct data set for their unique purposes.”

Wayne Heikkinen, ERP Operations Lead, ConocoPhillips