Real-Time Risk Assessment

Any Time. Less Time. Real Time Automated risk assessment including real-time operations data integration, flow modelling, corrosion prediction, and risk ranking

Corrosion Mitigation Optimization

Inspection. Mitigation. Optimization Data-driven corrosion mitigation optimization based on ever-changing operating envelop and industry best practice

Regulation Compliant

Achieve Compliance
Compliant with CSAZ662. Annex N covering 16 elements including record management, mitigation and repair, incident investigation

Protect Your Assets

PIRM reduces risk of pipeline incidents and achieves regulation compliance with data visualization, intuitive dashboard, and real-time operations data integration.

Reduce upstream gathering pipeline incidents by 47%

For every 10,000km of upstream pipeline, Cenozon PIRM helps customers save up to $3 million annually in leak remedy costs, compliance costs, chemical usage, and corporate tax.